December 11, 2023

Fujifilm Aims to Triple Sales of Instant Camera "Instax" in 10 Years

Fujifilm will increase its instant camera "Instax" business sales by about 15% from the fiscal year ending March 2023 to 150 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 2025. The goal is to more than triple compared to the fiscal year ending March 2015 and to reach a record high for the fourth consecutive fiscal year. The "inconvenience" of printing photos is a new experience for young people accustomed to smartphones, further developing demand.

Instax, popularly known as “Cheki” in Japan, requires a film to take pictures and provide ongoing revenue after selling the camera. Aiming to increase the number of photos taken, Fujifilm is introducing small printers that can be connected wirelessly to smartphones. In September 2022, it began developing business applications for theme parks and hotels.

It is estimated that tens of millions of Instax units operate worldwide, with about 1 billion pictures taken annually. The company estimates that trillions of photos are taken with smartphones each year, and the potential printing needs are significant. If the Instax is connected to a smartphone, it can also be used to print out photos stored in the smartphone.

Behind the growth in sales is the popularity among the smartphone generation for photos with an analog feel and a retro, tasteful look. When a picture is taken, the film comes from the camera body, and the picture gradually emerges over several minutes. The analog feel and unique rough texture are said to be emotional and inspiring. A researcher analyzes, "The more efficient our society becomes, the greater the tendency toward a reactionary desire for inefficient, yet enjoyable, analog experiences that are unique to us."