December 1, 2020

The Japanese Government is Collaborating with India in the Data Communications Field

The Japanese government is scheduled to sign a memorandum with the Indian government in December on comprehensive collaboration in the data communications field.

The government will collaborate with India in the data communications field. The two governments will be backing Japanese companies in deploying their technologies for 5G high-speed communications and seabed optical cables in India. The Japanese government will gain assistance from India in educating digital personnel and in digital government development. The two nations will be strengthening their cooperative relationship to counter China, which is increasingly influential in the communications and digital fields.

The scope of collaboration is to include the use of 5G, in which India has yet to start commercial services, technical development and international collaboration on 6G, the next-generation standard that is intended for practical development in the 2030s, and the laying of seabed optical cables. Japanese companies in these fields are working to win orders in India, and are being backed in that effort by both governments.

They are also collaborating in training and hiring digital personnel. Japan is rushing to bolster its defenses against cyber attack and to digitalize its administration, but it lacks the personnel to make progress in those areas. India has an abundance of excellent personnel in IT and other digital fields, and Japan wants to gain human development expertise and other benefits through exchange.

Collaboration with India in using advanced technologies
  • Local 5G deployment and collaboration on 6G technology
  • Laying seabed optical cables
  • Use of AI and blockchains
  • Support for Smart City construction
  • Collaboration on authentication standards for cellphone handsets
  • Use of IT in disaster prevention
  • Human development in the fields of cyber attack countermeasures and digital administration