September 29, 2022

10% of those Interested in the "Metaverse” Own a VR Headset Device 

According to a survey by Cross Marketing (Tokyo), about 10% of those interested in the "metaverse," a virtual space, owned a virtual reality (VR) headset device. Forty percent of respondents were reluctant to purchase VR equipment, citing "too expensive" as the reason. The fact that it costs 50,000 to 130,000 yen depending on the device is one of the hindrances to its widespread use.

An Internet survey of 857 men and women aged 15-49 who were aware of and interested in the Metaverse found that only 9.8% owned VR equipment.

When asked about barriers for starting a metaverse, "If we could guarantee more security " (25.3%) and "if more publicized" "If only I could better understand what I can enjoy in the Metaverse" both received 20.7%. Safety aspects of underage use and expansion of intangible elements are likely to be future issues.

"To have a visual and audio experience that we cannot have in our normal life " was the highest interest item at 73%, followed by "An experience that appeals more to five senses in a virtual space" at 71.5%.