July 19, 2022

COVID-19 domestic infection, more than 110,000 people, the highest number ever

On July 16, the number of new cases of the novel coronavirus reached approximately 110,600 nationwide, the highest number ever recorded per day. The highest number to date was 104,484 on February 1 (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare count). Tokyo and Osaka reported 18,919 and 12,351 cases, respectively, while Aichi and Fukuoka had the highest numbers. The spread of infection is accelerating in many areas of Japan.

One of the reasons for the rapid increase appears to be that it is being replaced by "BA.5," a derivative of the Omicron variant, which is regarded to be more infectious. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of seriously ill patients nationwide remained at 114 as of 15th. The bed utilization rate for COVID-19 critical care is less than 10% in more than 40 prefectures, requiring reasonable measures that are compatible with economic activities.

Infection is most prominent among those in their 40s and younger. By age group, the largest number of newly infected persons in Tokyo were in their 20s (3,975), followed by those in their 30s (3,157) and 40s (3,029). A little under 80% of all infected people were in the under 10 to 40 age group. In Okinawa, where the highest number of infections (3,904) has been confirmed, coronary bed utilization has reached 60.7%. The critical care bed utilization rate was 26.7%.