December 11, 2023

NTT Data will Develop Hotels that Support Good Sleep

NTT Data will develop capsule hotels that automatically measure heart and respiratory rates while sleeping, starting in the summer of 2024. Sleep data will be analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) to propose measures to improve sleep for guests, and anonymized big data will be sold to pharmaceutical companies, etc. The "sleep tech" business, which uses the latest technology to improve sleep quality, is expanding.

The hotel will open in July 2024 near Shinagawa Station, Tokyo. The first floor of its building will be renovated to accommodate approximately 70 people. The interior and specifications will be jointly developed with hotel operator Nine Hours (Tokyo). In the future, the company plans to expand nationwide.

Data is collected using infrared cameras, sound-collecting microphones, and body motion sensors installed in each room. It detects sleep onset, waking, tossing, and turning and measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and snoring frequency. A deep body temperature sensor developed by NTT Laboratories is also incorporated to analyze data from multiple angles.

Data will be provided to guests through reports on sleep trends and suggestions for improvement. They also collaborate with medical institutions and recommend repeated visits to the hospital and lifestyle modifications if there is any suspicion of illnesses such as sleep apnea syndrome. Room rates are set at the same or higher than those of capsule hotels in the area. Discounts will be offered on the condition that sleep data is provided and the price will be lower than the surrounding price.