April 20, 2024

The Popularity of Japanese “tatami” is Gradually Increasing in Foreign Countries

Many people who try Japanese food for the first time during their trips to Japan or at Japanese restaurants abroad fall in love with “tatami,” and some start to incorporate it into their own lives. In addition, tatami stores in Japan are endeavoring to promote "tatami" culture by using their skills to shape tatami into various forms suitable for different room layouts overseas.

Embarking on a personal odyssey of cultural exploration, one American has transformed his home with the addition of tatami mats. These mats, he discovers, are not just aesthetically pleasing but also provide excellent cushioning. His hallway now boasts tatami mats, a unique addition that seamlessly blends with his interior design, sparking curiosity and intrigue in all who visit.

The journey began when he found coasters made of tatami mats at a Japanese restaurant in the United States. The beauty of these coasters captivated him, sparking a deep desire to bring a piece of this culture into his own home. Using social media, he connected directly with the production source and purchased the coasters. As his fascination with the beauty and quality of tatami grew, he decided to order tatami mats for his home, which deepened his connection to this cultural trend.

Tsuneo Ishikawa, the board chairperson of the All Japan Tatami Business Cooperative, plans to capitalize on the increase in visitors to Japan by promoting "tatami" culture abroad. He notes that there are now more accommodations that offer traditional Japanese culture, and he expects that "tatami mats are gradually becoming more popular, targeting the demand of visitors to Japan who prefer Japanese taste" will be the first of its kind. The growing use of tatami overseas is anticipated to reinvigorate the domestic market. It would be interesting to see tatami culture re-imported into Japan.