January 20, 2024

TKP Opens Accommodation Facilities in Aeon Mall

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TKP, a primary rental conference room provider, will open a trailer house-type accommodation facility on the "AEON MALL Hanyu" (Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture) shopping center in the spring of 2025. In addition to barbecues using ingredients from the supermarket, inbound tourists (foreign visitors to Japan) will be attracted through leisure experiences at the adjacent hot spring facilities.

The company will consider operating lodging facilities utilizing idle land at roadside stations and service areas. They will rent a 6,600 square meters lot that used to be a parking lot at AEON MALL Hanyu and provide 30 lodging rooms for 2-5 people. The area will be greened with planted trees and lawns, and each building will have a wooden deck where barbecues can be held. Room rates are expected to range from 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen per person per night. It aims to capture leisure demand, mainly from visitors to Japan, and seeks to attract more than 10,000 passengers per year.

TKP will team up with tenant businesses at AEON MALL Hanyu to expand the "intangible goods consumption" range that can be experienced. TKP will consider offering bonfires, stargazing, and esthetic experiences.

AEON MALL Hanyu will have commercial and amusement facilities on a 230,000-square-meter site. It focuses on attracting customers who want to enjoy intangible goods consumption, including plans to open an outdoor sauna and a parking lot for campervan users by the fall of 2024.

TKP operates lodging facilities in approximately 20 hubs nationwide. Up to now, corporate clients have used those facilities for overnight training and company trips. TKP will use idle land owned by companies and local governments to create new demand for individual tourists.