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The Current State of Gradually-spreading Online Tourism

Online tourism is spreading. In an environment where the novel coronavirus continues to make travel difficult, online tourism is an effort to see and interact with locations through video and other media...

Looking Towards the Organization of the Diet & Beauty Fair 2020

Every show so far has raised a theme, such as the nature of the health and beauty business in Japan...

Glamping is a Travel Style in the Spotlight for its Low Risk of Covid-19 Infection - Series (1)

Glamping is gaining popularity with men and women of all ages as a new outdoor-style camping...

Interview with Atsushi Kojima, Chairman of Ganko Food Service Co., Ltd.

I’m a bit of a glutton and I love to eat, and also I love to do business. My foundations are in those two loves...

NIHONSHU - The art and history of Japanese sake and Japanese culture

Nihonshu, or Japanese sake, is Japan’s national drink, and the epitome of...

industry trends
Increasing Use of Job-description Employment

Japan’s Labor Standards Law, enacted after the war, has asked companies to manage the working hours of workers...

Average Lifespan and Healthy Lifespan

On July 31, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that the average lifespan for Japanese people had reached a new record in 2019...